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Summary of the common problems of shoe sewing process

In a shoe factory production, car department is related to the appearance of the upper important department, so as to be aware of some sewing needle stitched upper needle car following knowledge, attention information, I hope to help you shoes.

 1, classification and specification of sewing needle? Net cloth vamp is whether to use the needle tail?

Classification: round needle sewing needle, needle tail sword; specifications: No. 11, No. 14, No. 16, No. 18, No. 21; the upper is cloth sword tail needle is not available.

  2, spray / laminating what are the common problems?

Glue spray Too much will play drums, few will bounce wrinkle phenomenon; hammer can not be too hard, otherwise they will be broken, and the two sides not neat, affect the appearance, not dry eraser will bounce off.

 3, the general sports shoes sewing needle distance / spacing / margins?

The needle distance is 1 inches 8 - 10 needle spacing is 2mm margin is 1.5mm, outside force sites may be permitted in 1.5---1.8.

  4, what are the most common problems?

Sewingmachines common problems: the margin size, cover line depth, point displacement, jumper, floating line, and surface and strong smooth rough patch Don't turn cause wrinkles, wrinkle after, sponge under the tongue hanging, easy off, easy to loose buttons.

  5, what are the double collar problems often occur? What will be the impact on later?

  Wrinkled, foam off, collar is not suitable, too short; after time, feather drum shoe wrinkle, neck down to depression, on both sides of the hood line depth.

  6, press line is too high or too low will have what effect?

  The high pressure line, the bottom line will cover, press line is too low, shoes force concentrated on upper part, to help break the floating line or flower corner crease, phenomenon.

  7, trimming What will be the impact?

 Repair broken line cause off-line return; rotten inside adverse B products; repair is not clean and affect the appearance.

  8, what will be the impact of the tongue?

The tongue deep will become shorter, resulting in head discomfort, mouth long, see Logo; the tongue tongue will be too shallow, shallow, easy to pick out; crooked tongue, easy feet, comfort, down two to three stitches needle needle, otherwise easy to pull off.

  9, what is the glue (inside the collar) and turn the tongue the most common note?

To be uniform, can not spray and the inside of the location of points to avoid overflow, less The unglued, much overflow, beyond the point, glue exposed, wearing sticky socks; double tongue radian to be smoother, the angular position of the same size.

  10, what is the main reason for the derailment?

The upper wiring card line, leakage line, heavy needle needle or bottom line place did not fall too tight, too loose line will be caused to help break off the line, will cause molding, better quality line. (2.8Kg force).

  11, what are the consequences of broken needles in the upper and what measures should be taken, in what circumstances will easily broken needle?

Easy to wear feet, causing huge Compensation and have a negative impact on the reputation of the company; if found needle broken, should immediately find out the broken needle, (which can be measured by the needle machine after export) shall be in strict accordance with the retractable needle and use the < management regulations implementation, must be a needle body and the needle tip two in one, can change the needle; the needle selection is too small or installed properly, for too long, the quality of car line too hard or bad enough temperature, vamp is too hard, will cause the broken needle.

  12, the button to pay attention to what matters, the standard of normal tension?

Pay attention to the tightness of the button and the bottom button is consistent, whether half buckle, net cloth punching, with iron after the party Buckle, so as not to pull enough, pulling standards in 250 - 300 Newtons

  13, the classification of the most common problems and punching punch? Specifications of men and women sports shoes for the application?

Question: Chong Chong LAN, crooked, break through the skin, using the wrong punch 2.8, commonly used, 3, 3.5, 4.0mm; sports shoes for men and women 3.5mm.

  14, what is the note inside the collar, should be how to operate?

  Note: do not use the wrong needle, margins should not be too small, not the car inside the collar crooked, distinguish between internal and external lumbar operation, uniform margin 3--- 5mm, according to the car parts radian round and point point relative to the vehicle, to mark the tooth, and pulled the collar waist strength must be consistent, closed needle to be symmetric.